Lee Porter, NP, CNS-PMH

Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist

Psychiatry and Mental Health

📞 541-896-1555

Telemental LLC – Eugene, Oregon


Personalized Telemedicine Serving Oregon

Adult Nurse Practitioner with Prescriptive Privileges

Mental Health and Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist with Prescriptive Privileges

Thirty years of clinical experience in mental health and psychiatry

Accepting new patients. 

Providing non-emergency care only.

Personalized Psychiatric Consultations and Care Via Telemedicine Serving Oregon

Lee Porter NP CNS-PMH provides psychiatric telemedicine in Oregon via his solo practice, Telemental LLC.  Lee’s clinical focus is the care of adult patients with anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, professional burn-out, and stress related medical problems. Lee offers private, confidential and compassionate mental healthcare, providing assessments, counseling, psychotherapy and medications.