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Thirty years of clinical experience.

Providing compassionate care for adults with mental health and psychiatric problems. 



Feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, or unable to concentrate?

Lee Porter, Psych-NP, has helped many people with these problems.

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Providing non-emergency care only.

Personalized Psychiatric Telemedicine Consultations in Oregon.

Are you sad and anxious, or always worried? Having problems paying attention? Unable to focus or stay on task? Has your health, your workplace, or family got you down and in a bad place? Are you haunted by a traumatic event? Burned-out?

There is care available to help you feel better and resolve or manage your mental health problems. 

Lee Porter, Psych NP

Lee Porter, Psych-NP is licensed in Oregon as a registered nurse (RN) and maintains two active advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) licenses with prescribing privileges. Lee is a adult nurse practitioner (NP) and a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatry and mental health (CNS-PMH). He provides psychiatric telemedicine in Oregon via his solo practice, Telemental LLC.  Lee specializes in the care of adult patients, age eighteen or older, with anxiety, depression, attention and concentration problems, adjustment disorders, professional burn-out, trauma, and stress related medical problems.

If you find you are not in a good mood lately, the joy of life is gone, you are having difficulty concentrating, or you are just not mentally in a comfortable place, give us a call.  Lee Porter, Psych NP, offers private, confidential and compassionate mental healthcare, providing assessments, counseling, psychotherapy and medications.

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