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COMPASSIONATE, PERSONAL psychiatric and mental healthcare via telemedicine.


Meet the clinician

Lee Porter at Telemental LLC is a psychiatric nurse practitioner (Psych-NP) who serves adult patients. He specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, attention, adjustment disorders, trauma, burn-out, and stress related medical problems. 


Lee Porter, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Solo Clinician, Owner, Telemental LLC

Lee Porter, Psych-NP, Telemental’s solo provider, is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Lee’s career spans over 30 years of providing compassionate patient care as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN).  He is a dual licensed APRN, both an adult nurse practitioner (NP) and a psychiatric and mental health clinical nurse specialist (CNS).  He holds board certification in both of these specialties. Lee has expertise in primary care, general psychiatry-neurology, and mental health. Lee’s work experience includes a variety of clinical practice settings from in-patient hospitals, institutional treatment, educational and research environments, to outpatient practices, from general psychiatry, primary care, pain management and substance abuse, to providing private, personalized mental healthcare.

Lee Porter obtained a BSN from Johns Hopkins University and an MSN from George Mason University – George Washington University Medical Center collaborative Nurse Practitioner (NP) program. He also has a BA in sociology from Franklin and Marshall College. He completed a post-masters APRN specialty program at the University of Virginia (UVA) for Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) certification in psychiatry and mental health. While at UVA, he also completed an internship in psycho-pharmacology under the supervision of a pharmacy professor PharmD. Lee later completed internships in psychophysiology, biofeedback, EEG analysis and neurofeedback, and eventually served as a mentor and teacher via the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).  He has expertise in the monitoring of medical telemetry (such as EEG, EKG, capnometry) and computer-based assessments of attention.

Lee Porter previously owned and operated a private healthcare practice that specialized in the care of patients with stress related disorders, chronic pain conditions, brain injury, attention disorders, and anxiety spectrum disorders. He also provided clinical support services involving patient advocacy, disability determinations, organ transplant support, and legal consultations. He has taught at the university level in departments of nursing, psychology, and physiology. He developed and taught continuing education curriculum for nurses, psychologists and other health professionals.  More recently he provided direct clinical care in an out-patient clinic serving Oregon Health Plan patients and in a private practice specializing in chronic pain management.



Practice Philosophy


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting challenges to access to medical care, Lee Porter, Psych-NP, began offering mental healthcare to adult patients via telemedicine.  

We founded Telemental, as a teleconnected, personalized and compassionate, private medical practice. Telemental is a legacy project in which our professional training in healthcare and science are drivers; and patient outcomes, not volume or the bottom line, are our measure of success. We are not beholden to an investment group, a holding company or major healthcare system.  Telemental was formed to help harness tech with human values, offering quality care in a safe environment. We value clinical excellence and are vigilant about your privacy protections.  Telemental is an independent, family-owned practice dedicated to preserving the humanity in mental health care.


“Through supportive guidance and education, I assist and empower the patient to take control of their own health to the greatest degree clinically possible using principles and techniques of nursing, psychophysiology, psychotherapy, and physical assessment.”

Lee Porter, Psych-NP, provides high quality, time intensive assessment, treatment and care, based on state-of-the-art science and clinically proven interventions. The clinical focus of the practice is helping individuals with stress, adjustment, attention, and anxiety disorders, and medical and psychological disorders that involve a mind-body linkage.  Lee uses a nursing approach that takes into account the bio-psycho-social factors of health, which considers the whole person, not just a single organ or system, in assessment and treatment.

The practice is based on clinical neuroscience, psychiatry, and nursing and has no religious orientation. We welcome clients of all backgrounds.

Telemental LLC, the telehealth practice of Lee Porter, Psych NP, is independently owned and not part of a large, impersonal telemedicine corporation.  We are not owned by an insurance company, a drug store chain, an investment group, or a hospital system.  We offer personalized care for adults.   More often than not, today‚Äôs emerging telemedicine practices are part of large corporate conglomerates, and more interested in the bottom line than your health.  We are not like that. 



Behind the scenes….

telemental technology STAFF

Liz Porter

Practice Manager

Liz manages the administrative and technology matters for Telemental.  Liz previously managed the information requirements for a federal health regulatory program. She also provided administrative and technology oversight for Lee’s prior private practice. In addition to currently supporting Telemental’s telemedicine infrastructure, Liz also is the principal in a systems engineering and health policy consultancy.

Liz keeps the telehealth platform and the medical records systems that interconnect with the insurance companies, labs and pharmacies running. If you have a tech question related to your appointment, give her a call.


Lee & Liz
Co-owners, Partners
Telemental LLC

Ron Dass

mindfulness advisor

Ron arrived at the practice without an appointment three years ago. In that short time, he proved his expertise in demonstrating mindfulness, seizing the moment, learning from mistakes (but not too much), and how to offer unconditional love and still take care of one’s own needs.